As a trans male, I know that there are a variety of challenges that present itself on a daily basis, from relationships with family members and significant others to simply buying something at the store. In therapy, we can work together to process these challenges and develop coping strategies to more effectively manage these and other potentially dysphoria inducing situations. Additionally, I work with individuals who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, struggling with the coming out process, looking to start hormone replacement therapy (HRT), beginning the transition process, or would like additional support during the transition process. 

I also work with loved ones of trans and gender nonconforming individuals to process through the loss that parents often feel when their child (of any age) begins to transition. 

In a perfect world, medical transition care for trans and gender non conforming individuals would operate on an informed consent model. While we are moving in this direction, there are still some parts of the process that may require a letter from a mental health professional. I am happy to offer this service as a part of my practice. The cost of the letter for current clients is $50. For clients just seeking a consultation and a letter, the total cost is $150.  

I am also happy to offer case management services for the trans and gender fluid community where we will focus on getting tasks accomplished related to your transition such as finding a HRT provider, resources for name and gender corrections, navigating health insurance (or finding affordable options to obtain hormones), and providers for surgery. These visits are typically 30 minutes long and the cost is $25 per visit. We can meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your needs.